Hi, I'm Andrea.
I make things on the internet.

About me

I majored in English literature and have a graduate degree in food systems. For my undergraduate senior project, I interviewed paranormal investigators and spent time at a haunted bridge to write about ghost stories and how we tell them.

I started my journalism career at the Addison County Independent, covering school board meetings, town politics, and the occasional hurricane or horse-rustling incident. There, I learned to run a website, started a newsletter and managed our social media accounts.

These days, I'm the digital editor at Burlington-based Seven Days, where I crunch data, make bots and create graphics and interactives for editorial projects. I also design and oversee more than ten newsletters and manage our ever-increasing social media presence.

When I'm not at work, you'll find me running, reading or inventing new ways to eat vegetables.

Recent work


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